Hippy Slide – Stuck in Customs

Photo Daily – Hippy Slides

While in Scotland, I’ve worked on several very different types of 360 videos. I’ll start sharing it soon.

One day, I was walking here in Glasgow with this 360 camera and I saw a hippy-looking guy with no shirt standing in a fountain with two buckets. And I said, I think this is going to be interesting… and then I followed him through the trees carrying these buckets… and then he came out and there were a dozen other hippies there with a big tarp for a slide! They were all very nice and invited me to join… they said do you have a swimsuit? I said no, but I can wear panties! And they said most of them had… you know hippies… these are my people… so I did it for about 30 minutes and it was great fun… then I put my stuff back and took this photo as I was walking away to shoot the sunset.

Photo Information

  • Date Taken06-17-2023 06:45:52
  • CameraILCE-7RM3
  • Camera MakeSony
  • exposure time1/5000
  • Aperture4
  • ISO125
  • focal length27.0mm
  • flashOff, Not on
  • Exposure ProgramManuals
  • Exposure Bias

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