Google Launches Its Own Foldable Smartphone

One of the major innovations in smartphone form factor, foldable devices got off to a rocky start when Samsung first unveiled the concept years ago.

a depiction of the various foldable smartphone form factors
Depiction of various foldable smartphone form factors. Photo by Mediamodifier

But that doesn’t dampen enthusiasm for the niche.

Now, another big player is about to join the foldable phone game.

And that is none other than search engine giant Google.

The aptly named Google Pixel Fold will be showcased at the company’s event on May 10, Google I/O 2023.

The smartphone will reportedly measure 5.8 inches when unfolded and 7.6 inches when tablet and will use the Google Tensor G2 processor, The Verge reports. It will also be in line with the competition in terms of price, reportedly coming in at a similar point to Samsung’s $USD 1799 for its Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Interestingly, the smartphone was reportedly supposed to debut last year but didn’t for a number of reasons. One might be that Google wants to make sure apps work well on new devices as the company is also focused on helping Android developers build apps for foldable devices, notes The Verge. Of course, Google’s foldable smartphone isn’t the only product we’ve heard of delays. Whether due to the COVID-19 shutdown, parts shortage, or other logistical issues, some sizeable products were delayed, canceling the entire ecosystem of release schedules.

One of the more prominent stories we can think of involves Nikon – you can read about it here. With things back to normal, hopefully, this is all behind us moving forward.

You can view the teaser video on YouTube at this link.

Do you have a foldable smartphone? Have you considered buying one? Let us know what you think of the foldable smartphone in the comments below.

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