Glen Ewin Pulpshed Wedding – Carol & Ash

Oh wow, Carol and Ash Glen Ewin Pulpshed’s wedding was absolutely amazing – gorgeous weather, stunning people in an amazing location, made the whole process of taking amazing wedding photos so much easier and more fun!

I’ve been to Pulpshed in the past to cover weddings but I had been looking forward to Carol and Ash for quite some time as it had been about 10 years since I was last here. Often at the guardhouse – but not at Pulpshed!

Ash’s preparation

Ash and his groomsmen set up at a closest friend’s house. The first thing anyone notices is the pure red porch parked in front of the house! Definitely attention grabbing!

I arrived and was surprised to see that everyone had their clothes on! Was pretty ready to go, which was fine since we didn’t have much time, but certainly a little different to most weddings where I often run into the boys just rolling out of bed from a big night. 🙂

For the prep shots, we put the finishing touches on, like throwing suits, helping each other with ties, then of course playing pool and taking some shots with Porch in the front.

Carol’s preparation

Carol and her bridal party were getting ready at the family home, closer to Glen Ewin. Ash had warned me about how awesome their garden was, and it sure was amazing! There is a stream that runs through the park, full of flowing water due to recent rains, complete with small bridges connecting one part of the garden to another.

Made for a pretty neat spot for a bridal party photoshoot and first glance with Dad, who did well!

Glen Ewin Pulpshed Wedding Ceremony

I’ve been looking forward to covering Carol and Ash Glen Ewin Pulpshed’s wedding ceremony for a while as there is a stunning pool and stone piers that lead out to a large weeping willow tree which is usually used as a backdrop for the ceremony – but unfortunately the weather has recently been deemed too was muddy for congregational use, so the ceremony was held under the Pulpshed porch.

The verandah space is decked out in vines and decorated with wooden features such as wine barrels, and of course allows all of their guests to take shelter in case of rain – which would be impossible on their day. It’s a nice space, but the only problem I have with it is that it’s impossible to get past the left side of the congregation to get a photo of the groom grinning at his bride.

Carol and her bridesmaids arrived in style in two Volkswagen combis, which fit perfectly with the theme and aesthetic of the wedding, and the ceremony proceeded with lots of laughter, tears, and heartfelt tributes to the children who are now part of the new family. unit. It is beautiful.

Glamor’s photo

After group shots and large group drone shots, we walked a bit around the stunning gardens to take advantage of the amazing rock pools and piers I mentioned earlier. The green in the trees was lush due to the recent weather and made the whole thing a joy to walk through!

We also made sure to use Kombis in some group photos with Carol and Ash’s bridal party before they left.

The main drawback is unfortunately Ash managed to attract the wrath of an angry bee while out and about taking photos, getting a bit of a bee bite – but everything seems fine!

Glen Ewin Pulpshed Wedding Reception

The wedding reception took place at Pulpshed, complete with my photobooth walking around the corner, and everyone had a blast in this stunning setting!

I was only asked to take photos for 6 hours, but since I was in the photobooth, I had to take some photos of the first dance and other events, 🙂

Thank you so much Ash and Carol for having me!

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