‘GBBO’ Star Sandro Wears Large Ring on Wedding Finger in New Photos

The Great British Bake Off‘s Sandro Wears Large Ring on Wedding Finger in New Photos

Is Sandro, our favourite Great British Bake Off finalist, cooking up some news?!

Over the past few months, audiences have been charmed by Nelsandro Farmhouse, known widely as simply Sandro. Whether it was his adorable mistakes as he made his way through challenges, his perfectly Instagram-worthy confections, or even his off-camera sexy snaps, there was something for everyone. But two of us his latest Instagram posts have us wondering if we missed a major life update.

From the outset, Sandro was pegged as our out, the gay hunk of the season, having spoken about his difficulties coming out as gay when he was younger prior to the show. In the very first episode, in fact, he spoke about his partner. For their first date, Sandro bought his partner a bouquet of white roses, and for each date after he brought another. He then included white roses in the design for his signature episode, bake as a tribute to the tradition.

In the time since, the star hasn’t said much of anything else about his partner but in his last two Instagram photos, he’s wearing a sizeable band on his wedding ring finger. Is there something you want to update us on sir?! (If we’re being honest, this totally reminds us of Lee Pace at the Met Gala before admitting he got married almost a year later.)

Also, we’ve checked photos before this and didn’t see any evidence of this ring.

It seems clear that Sandro is a pretty private person and he definitely has the right to be — we certainly won’t be pushing for a response. But we absolutely will be keeping our eyes peeled for any updates.

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