Gan.Ai Offers Scalable Personalization of Video Media Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days and for good reason.

computer generated image of a group of buildings
The computer generates an image of a group of buildings. Photo by Mingwei Lim

From generating images from text to creating interactive holograms of deceased relatives, the horizon is somewhat limitless as far as the potential of this technology in the future.

And that means big changes for the world of media and marketing going forward. Far from being a universal and common experience, many people envision a world of bespoke media targeted at individuals in ways that are meaningful to them than addressing them personally in other ways.

Gan.Ai is at the forefront of this fledgling movement and offers clients a scalable method for creating custom videos that is very easy to create in practice. Simply upload your video, choose the words that need to be adjusted, and let the artificial intelligence Gan.Ai, named Myna, do the rest. You can check it on the Gan.Ai website at this link here.

What are the benefits of customized videos? Well, if you’re trying to sell something, it seems to result in higher conversions, better brand retention, and ad serving completion. In other words, Gan.Ai claims it makes traditional media advertising much more effective and, given its ability to adapt to client needs, should theoretically become an indispensable tool in a media marketer’s toolkit. From our point of view, it is just another demonstration of the powerful revolution that has come to us, although impressive, still in its origins. The latest article we published includes AI-based tools for editing and even taking photos, if you want to check them out.

Any thoughts you may have about generative artificial intelligence technology are welcome in the comments section.

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