Fantasy-Inspired Photography Game ‘Alekon’ is Coming to Nintendo Switch

The fantasy-themed photography game Alekons that released on Steam in 2021 is coming to Nintendo Switch.

On Sunday, videogame publisher Forever Entertainment announced that it would be bringing Alekons to Nintendo Switch on April 6. Alekons is a first-person photography game where players explore islands and meet over 50 different creatures, which in the game are known as “Fictions.”

“Each of them [Fictions] has their own hobby, such as cookies, micromanagement, or real estate,” the game description says. “Befriend them by solving their problems, and together bring creativity back to this realm!”

The game, which was made by The Alekon Company, asks players to gather creativity for the realm. This can be done by befriending various Fictions through unique quests and minigames and taking photos of them.

Players can also solve puzzles — using tools like donuts, magnets, to lantern-lighting fireflies — to get the creatures to strike different poses for photos. Alekons also asks players to indulge their “artistic side” with creative pursuits like editing photos and designing snowflakes.

Players can either engage Alekons casually or challenge themselves to get the perfect score for their photos, with photo scores unlocking new levels to progress in the game.

Each photo of a Fiction has the potential to earn up to 10 creativity points. If a user earns enough creativity points, they can unlock the Well of Whimsy where the mysterious Alekon is supposedly hiding out. The game will score a player’s photos based on certain aspects, such as size, visibility, angle and center.

Furthermore, each pose that a Fiction strikes in a photo is scored separately to make the game more challenging. Some poses are harder to find while others require the player to repeat the same action several times or find the right location to get the right timing for the photo.

Alekons is not the only photography game that is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023. Publisher Kitfox Games and developer Sundae Month announced canine photography game, Pupperazzi will launch for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop this year.

in contrast to Season: A Letter to the Future which did not particularly gamify photography and was reviewed very favorably because of it here on MapPixelthat appears to be the entire premise of Alekons. As mentioned, Alekons was released on Steam in 2021 and has gotten very positive user reception, although it hasn’t received many reviews.

Image credits: The Alekon Company

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