Echidna Winery Wedding – Chami & Bryce

While I’m sure Chami and Bryce planned their Ekhidna Winery wedding to be memorable and something their friends and family will be talking about for a long time afterward – whatever they have planned pales in comparison to what nature has in store for their grand bash. day!

Despite the unfavorable weather that sent Bryce and his groomsmen scurrying all over Mclaren Vale looking for an umbrella in the early morning, Chami and Bryce refused to let it bog down their day, and they were certainly rewarded for their optimism with a wonderful afternoon and evening after the odd incident. . Mini Typhoon has hit!

Chami preparation

Chami was getting ready with his family and bridesmaids at this bed and breakfast which I have visited before for another Ekhidna Wines wedding – but this time unfortunately I couldn’t take advantage of his pretty garden due to the weather so we made the interior as good as possible after moving some furniture around! 🙂

Bryce’s preparation

Bryce and his groomsmen are being groomed at an older bed and breakfast nearby with easy access to a vineyard, some trees and some great views which we tried to take advantage of in between monsoons.

Bryce was nervous, but kept his spirits up thanks to the antics of his groomsmen complaining about working out some odd design details about the house.

First Look Shooting

Chami and Bryce’s plan was that before the ceremony they would take a look at the beaches at Pt Willunga for the first time. Of course in that weather that would be pretty ridiculous so instead we used the verandah at the ebd and breakfast that Bryce and his groomsmen had set up.

It’s not quite as beautiful as the beach, but it’s a moment that’s no less sweet between these two beauties, who by the way the bad weather still hasn’t wiped the smile from their faces or the joy from their eyes.

We even had fun running in the rain among the olive groves on the main road Mclaren vale before heading back to Ekhidna Winery before the guests started arriving.

Echidna Wine Factory Wedding Ceremony

Just before Chami arrived at the ceremony – which had been set up inside the Ekhidna Wines restaurant area, an extraordinary weather system load hit, causing the rain to sideways – a tree fell in that direction, and thousands of homes across Adelaide lost power for several days!

Not to mention that the reception area of ​​the Echidna winery was significantly flooded – to the point that the main desk needed to be repositioned at the far end of the room. Credit goes to the staff, because after the storm passed, and the ceremony was over, they were out there with brooms and water pumps to dry the grounds and by the end of the night you wouldn’t know it was wet at all. .

Chami and Bryce’s ceremony took place with wide panoramic windows overlooking the vineyards as their backdrop – not that we could see much through the rain, but it made a nice airy backdrop for their photo.

Glamor shot

Almost as soon as the ceremony was over, the rain let up and we were able to venture outside to take advantage of the stunning surroundings which is why I love going to Ekhidna Winery – not just for their amazing ginger beer!

We first took advantage of the road in front for some group photos with the bridal party, then walked down the road a bit into a stunning grove of gum trees, a short walk. We then used the vineyards a bit while we were sure we could as we didn’t know what would happen later tonight in light of more rain.

Thankfully it never rained, and the weather really cleared up, allowing for amazing sunsets and we even invited guests Chami and Bryce outside to enjoy the great weather!

I’m so happy for them because one of the reasons why they chose me as their wedding photographer is the great sunset shots I usually take over the vineyards at sunset – so I was happy to capture them for them! I even tried out some new shots which I hope they enjoy 🙂

Ekhidna Winery’s Wedding Reception

Chami and Bryce’s wedding reception was like any other – with the unique location of their main table which I’ve never seen set up like that before at Ekhidna winery due to the weather before – but delicious enough there they were able to make use of their arbor as the backdrop for their table. !

My photobooth ran all night, and everyone was having fun with their live band playing all night! Lovely night!

Thank you so much Chami and Bryce for having me!

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