Dartmouth Korean Restaurant Looking for Owners of Antique Photos

A special memento has been found in Dartmouth and the hope is to return it to its owner.

Staff at From The Seoul, a Korean restaurant, found a pocket-sized photo of a young boy that the staff suspected may have been left by a customer by mistake.

The restaurant posted to Instagram last month with a note saying “Help me find my owner! :(“. The photo was carefully placed in a plastic sleeve to protect it from damage.

The restaurant wrote:

“A few days ago we have found this beautiful photo that fell from a customer’s wallet. If anyone knows whose it is please contact them and let them know we are keeping it safe!”

It’s been about a month and the rightful owner has yet to show up.

“Looks like it’s from the 80s,” one Instagrammer called smell comment below the post.

“Hope you find the owner!” said Instagrammer furyandbliss.

We couldn’t agree more.

If this photo belongs to you or anyone you may know, call the restaurant at 774-328-9344 or stop by 127 Faunce Corner Road. This restaurant is located in the Texas Roadhouse plaza.

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