Custom Photography for Winery Digital Marketing

Custom Photography for Winery Digital Marketing

John Valls and I have been shooting for West Coast winery brands for the past decade. For us, a typical winery assignment would include a mix of tasting room shots, beautiful vineyard landscapes, and on-brand beauty shots. However, Covid-19 has turned the lives of most of our winery clients upside down. With cellar door activity limited, our winery clients rely on their social media and website to maintain customer relationships.

Simply put, their social media needs to work harder than ever. Here’s how we can help.

With input gathered from our clients and our long-standing knowledge of the wine industry, we create custom image libraries in our studio. Wineries may use photos on their social media, website and email newsletters. With their brand mood and tone in mind, we style and shoot photos that resonate with their customers. An Instagram feed with beautiful and engaging content builds audiences and keeps customer relationships alive. Here are two examples.

On-site shooting at Roco Winery was on the calendar as the Covid-19 shutdown began. Since photography is required for website updates, the project had to be done. Of the 50+ images we created, some were meant to hint at the tasting room experience, others suggested Roco wines to enjoy at home. The third style of top-down assembly is designed to support direct sales campaigns.

Challenging ad formats on The Daily Beast and Variety online created a need for photography for A to Z Wines. Advertising opportunities require a narrow set of images with a strong impact. Because this publication targets a younger audience than the typical wine medium, we responded with a color-blocked series in a fun mood and clear yet vivid visuals that feel appropriate for that generation.

Wine photography for A to Z Wineworks, Oregon winery

As a team of photographers/stylists, we can work smoothly within the limitations of Covid-19. The winery sent us their bottle and we picked it up from there. We always start with an informal brand audit and an understanding of their target demographic and sales. Our styling and photography are designed to reflect each winery’s brand. Clients can monitor our shoots remotely and we offer web hosting for the final images for easy access and download. Packages usually include 12 or 24 images, but this may vary based on needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

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