Couple Got Married in the Back of a Cadillac at Las Vegas Wedding

Originally, Alaji-Sharif wanted to elope as she’s never been a huge wedding person. “I just think that they’re ridiculously expensive,” she told Insider.

A bride and a groom walking.

Asha Alaji-Sharif and Chris Huot on their wedding day.


The couple bought a house in Atlanta in December 2022 and would rather spend money on their home than on a big wedding, Alaji-Sharif said.

They didn’t have a particular wedding budget in mind. “I just knew that I wasn’t about to spend $1,000 on a dress,” she added.

She wanted the wedding to be fun, informal, and have a traditional Vegas vibe, she said. Excluding the outfits and food, the couple spent around $2,290 on the wedding. This included the venue, their hotel stay, and the wedding ceremony with around 60 guests.

Researching venues, Alaji-Sharif came across A Little White Chapel, which has a pink Cadillac and costs $95 for a reservation alongside a $5 fee. For this, couples get a non-religious 10-minute-long ceremony. It was perfect for her as she loves vintage things, she said.

They tipped the minister $80 according to a TikTok she shared on February 20 that has over 11,000 views. The venue’s website says tipping is encouraged.

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