Bride gets wedding photos back, notices something ‘off’ after zooming in: ‘He is a liar’

A newly married woman was shocked when she looked closely at her wedding photos, and TikTokers warned her that it’s a huge red flag.

Mom and TikToker Heather (@heatherlynn6977) gained over 18.2 million views, 2.1 million likes and 10,000 comments after she uploaded her findings to her account.

Now, much like the mom who accidentally recorded the exact moment that changed her entire marriage, Heather’s photographs are going viral.

“Getting your wedding photos back and [you] notice something,” Heather’s video begins.

As she scrolls through the wedding photos, nothing seems strange about them — until she reaches the group shot with her, the groom and their respective parties.

Upon looking closely at the groom, she sees a hand on his arm — and later, that same hand clasping his own.

“Guess I’m getting a sister wife,” she jokes, referring to the polygamist term for a woman married to one’s husband.

Despite her tongue-in-cheek response to the photos, Heather clarified in the video’s caption that the bridesmaid in question was simply nervous, unstable in her heels and had had a bit too much wine.

However, TikTokers didn’t buy this explanation.

“The whole thing seems off. Her overindulgence in wine didn’t cause her facial expression,” one user wrote.

“I would be getting a new husband and friend/sister,” commented another user.

“I simply would’ve lost it,” wrote another.

“Did she not get the memo that she was not the bride?!!!!!” one user wrote.

In a follow-up video, this time featuring her new husband, the couple explains that the bridesmaid is just a friend and simply loses her balance when the wedding photographer asks the group to strike a silly pose.

“Sorry to disappoint everybody who wanted me to be a cheater and the bridesmaid-to-be a home wrecker. That is not actually what happened,” Heather’s husband says to the camera.

However, TikTok was still not convinced.

“That still doesn’t explain the first pose when she’s holding his arm 😂😂😂😂,” commented one user.

“She’s sleeping with him girl tag me when you find out,” one user wrote.

“She’s Working Her Way Into Your Spot,” commented another.

“Waiting for the divorce announcement,” wrote one user.

“I’m sorry sis, your wedding looks absolutely beautiful but he is a LIAR. I’ve been hurt enough to tell the difference unfortunately,” shared another.

According to the couple, they’ve been enjoying everyone’s strong reactions to the photos, and they’re taking it all in stride. “Thanks for the comments. They’ve all been super funny for all of us involved in this,” said Heather’s husband.

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