Ashton Family – Session by the Sea – Sunshine Photography

I really love my family session by the sea. Meet the beautiful Ashton family who met me on the beautiful beaches of Noosa for their session earlier this year before the world went to hell.

It was a rare opportunity for this little family to be together (one big kid just got back from overseas and the other big kid was just leaving to move to North Queensland) and so Mom jumped at the chance to capture them all when she had the chance.

And this much about the big kids too, there was just one little superstar who was the center of attention of everyone there that afternoon 😉

I LOVE watching the whole family love one little person. It warms my heart and there is something so special that it is privileged to gain insight, not the relationship.

The big kids don’t let it get all the attention! There was banter and laughter among all the big kids too. Even the boys managed to find and catch freshwater fish with their bare hands which surprised us all.

It was an hour, but it honestly felt like 15 minutes with all of them. Easy and fun connection between them all.

Thank you Ashton family for a great afternoon!


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