Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Should Remain On-Air Couple After ABC Exit, According to TV Host

For one TV host, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes need to lean into what they’ve got together and keep it in front of the camera. According to TMZ, extra host Billy Bush said the couple had a chemistry that was hard to replicate and could play well for ratings.

“I think they should work together,” Bush told TMZ cameras. “I think they do a great job.” He would add that he could even see the couple doing a podcast together or another daytime show. “They’ve got something that works.”

Bush knows a bit about coming back from scandal, though his experience was a bit more high profile and hard to defend. He was on a hot mic with Donald Trump in the infamous AccessHollywood “grab them by the py” tape.

Robach and Holmes were outed as a couple after photos were published in tabloids showing them embracing despite also being assumed to be married. Both were in the process of leaving their respective spouses but didn’t seem to wait before pulling the trigger on their romance with reports indicating it began in March 2022.

ABC News initially seemed OK with the relationship, but swiftly changed course and suspended the couple from GMA3 while an investigation was launched to determine if any rules were broken. The review lasted over a month and concluded with the network coming to a mutual parting way with Robach and Holmes.

While they are currently without a job, the couple seems very happy with each other and has been spending time getting close while on vacation in Mexico. “Everyone should find their way back,” Bush added with TMZ. He managed to find his own way back in 2019 after joining Extra after his firing from NBC and AccessHollywood.

Bush was quick to tell the cameras that his past gaffes and comments won’t change his own existence on TV. “I’m going to be me and do what I do,” Bush said. “And if someone’s going to try and leak it, then they’re the loser.” That seems like an unstable approach, but it seems to be working so far.

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