Advice for Action Sports Photography

I’m back at Beyond Here after having been so busy in my sports photography business for the last 4 months that I just had no time for anything else. What a welcome change from the last 2 years where the coronavirus restrictions had a big impact. And ironically, right now, I’m writing this in covid isolation! What to write about? Given my sports focus, it seemed appropriate to share lots of tips for action sports photography.

Tip 1 – Crazy Action Moments

There are times in sports games when there is just too much crazy action to pull off. It is time to shoot heavy. Move from subject to subject and seek to capture action that the eyes and brain don’t have time to process. First of my tips for action sports photography, when the action gets crazy that’s when it’s time to shoot heavy.

When the action heats up, keep shooting

Tip 2 – Don’t be Afraid to Shoot Extreme Close Ups

It’s not easy to shoot extreme close ups. You will have many failures and failures. But extreme close ups can reveal details of gameplay that you wouldn’t see from afar. The players’ expressions, their worries, their determination. Shoot very close up using a long lens, or crop it significantly in post production to achieve the same effect.

Extreme close ups show scenes you can’t see with the naked eye

Tip 3 – When There’s No Action Look for Pictures that Tell Stories

There isn’t always fast-paced action at sporting events. Sometimes there are weather delays or injury breaks or just normal scheduled breaks in play. This is a good time to look for pictures that tell a story even if they don’t have extreme action.

Tonight when I went out cycling, after about 15 minutes of racing there was an accident and serious injury. All racing for the night was cancelled, and at this point the cyclists returned to the starting area on their own bikes and that of anyone else involved in the crash. No great stunts shown but tells a story a cyclist can relate to. Drive your own bike, and bring a friend’s broken bike.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy these quick tips for action sports photography.

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