$80,000 Robbed of San Francisco Area Camera Store

Camera equipment is a tempting target for thieves, that’s for sure.

Golden Gate Bridge during the day
Golden Gate Bridge during the day. Photo by Billy Huynh

Given that, you’d think that there would be a larger movement to address this issue.

After all, we’ve covered a lot of theft from shops and individuals on this blog and, given the sophistication of the equipment involved, it’s surprising that there aren’t any more safeguards in place to protect people from having their equipment stolen and resold on secondary markets.

But that may all change in the future – and quickly – as camera retailers appear to be reaching the end of their ropes.

Nowhere illustrates this better than San Francisco which recently experienced a massive camera store robbery following a massive heist at a Leica store shortly before the current events.

And that’s not all: We bring you top stories about a news crew being robbed, a photographer who was tracked to his home then robbed there, and even someone breaking a window in a car during traffic to steal camera gear there.

Today’s story involves much the same modus operandi as the Leica theft in which the five robbers held the shop staff at gunpoint and took the equipment. They then flee in a getaway car. As of the press, no real details about the suspects have been released.

As we alluded to above, San Francisco seems to be a magnet for this kind of activity and tourists should be wary of taking photos at popular landmarks. But San Francisco isn’t the only place in the world where this is happening which is making it a problem for the wider camera industry and one that most of us hope will see some sort of change soon.

If you have any thoughts on how camera manufacturers could incorporate anti-theft technology and procedures into their products, let us know in the comments.

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