5 wedding favors no one really wants

Couples might like wedding favors, but guests not so much.

Ah, weddings. They’re the moment two become one, often to the delight of loved ones who gather to witness the momentous occasion.

It’s not a secret, nor a surprise, that many couples like to go BIG for their special day and spend it to impress their guests. The Knot reports the event cost $30,000 on average in 2022, including the ceremony and reception.

And part of that memory-making often includes giving wedding favors to commemorate the day long after guests get misty doing the wobble and the garter’s been thrown. But…are wedding favors really a good idea? While some couples feel that giving wedding favors to guests is a must, others decide against it in favor of sprucing up their weddings in other areas.

Recently, The Atlantic reported that most guests did not want a coaster or a single Champagne flute with Marcus and Keisha’s names on it. Couples might like wedding favors, but guests not so much.

lousy wedding favors

Exercise caution if you do decide to provide wedding guests with favors, as they’re not all created equally in terms of usefulness. (Photo Credit: Adobe Stock)

Exercise caution if you do decide to provide wedding guests with favors, as they’re not all created equally. In fact, that Atlantic article started some buzz among the Grio staff talking about best and worst wedding favors. So if you’re planning a wedding, and you are committed to giving out a token to commemorate your day, here are five things that people just don’t want.

First things first: Bells. Back in the day, a bell might be helpful to someone who has the flu or a broken foot and needs to get their caregiver’s attention, or, of course, if they need to call their butler. That’s what a Grio staffer (who requested anonymity for good reason) had in mind when she provided this affordable (code for cheap) tinny token with the couples’ names on it. That’s a definite “no” as a wedding favor. Why would anyone want, or need, a bell? People just text or call people in their household to get their attention. Weddings are not a time to channel your inner Anita Ward or Dr. Dr. Let your guests get their “Ring Ding Dong” on the dance floor.

Next up, bubbles. If you want to be doused in bubbles as you enter the reception or walk down the aisle – or if you’re 5 years old – then, sure, do you. But seriously. What purpose, in all honesty, would such an item serve post-wedding other than to demonstrate how to dispose of something wholly unnecessary?

No offense intended to matchsticks or their users, but why use them when lighters are a thing? Furthermore, what purpose would matchsticks serve at or away from the wedding? True, there might be times when you’re without a lighter and realized that there’s a cache of matchsticks in a drawer, but, yeah, nobody wants those.

In the modern world, a pocket knife isn’t necessarily a lousy gift unless you’ve traveled to town for a wedding and don’t want to make it past the TSA to get home. It is best to refrain from giving visitors anything that won’t likely make it aboard a flight.

And last but not least, anything with the couple’s photograph or initials. Seriously! What is the purpose of this growing trend? The water bottle with the couple’s face emblazoned on the wrapper (yes, this writer received such a gift) will never leave my car.

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