360º Contributor of the Month – April – 360Cities Blog

Gary Davies is a freelance photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of nautical landscapes. However, his panoramic photography skills extend beyond just sea and water views. In fact, he has captured some of the most stunning historic buildings, such as castles, cathedrals, and lighthouses, as well as other incredible sights from around the world.

Since joining 360Cities on January 11, 2011, Gary has published an impressive 1,427 panoramas, and his contributions have earned him the Expert and Maestro badges. In April 2023 alone, he published 35 stunning panoramas showcasing his immense talent and expertise in capturing stunning landscapes.

Among the panoramas Gary published in April was the Napoleon signal tower at Bray Head, Ireland’s Valentia Island, which offers stunning views of the Irish coastline. Another stunning panorama he captured was the bridge to Strumble Head Lighthouse in Pembrokeshire, Wales, which offers a stunning glimpse into the history of Welsh maritime heritage. Additionally, Gary captured the Lusitania Memorial Park in County Cork, Ireland, which commemorates the tragic sinking of the Lusitania during World War I.

Gary’s love for panoramic photography shines through in his work, and it is clear that he is a master of his craft. His panoramas offer a unique perspective that allows the viewer to immerse himself in the scenery and appreciate the beauty and history of the locations he captures. If you’re a fan of panoramic photography, be sure to check out Gary Davies’ profile on 360Cities to explore his amazing collection of panoramas.

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